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The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
The Fatty Elim A Dent 38
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The Fatty Elim A Dent 38"X14" Adjustable Fade Hail Light 12v

1 Inch Ball compatible with Ultra Collar A1BC2
Custom Power Cables With Alligator Clamps   
Fatty 38" x 14" Light Head
Collar, Stand, or Battery. 
Our light works well with Ultras Collar - A1BC2
Also works well with Carbon tech Magnetic Collar
If in Need of a Light Stand We Sales Ultras
You cannot run more than 6 LED strips at one time, doing so will cause the light to overheat damaging the product. 
     The company who revolutionized the mini pdr led light game has now brought new tech to hail lighting.  We spared no expense inside and out of this evolutionary product. 
     First of its kind Injected Molded housing using a military grade plastic blend with aluminum reinforcement. We packed this bad boy with 10 LED strips to cover the entire wide face ensuring coverage from end to end.  We used a custom built low resistance led that offer crisp, bright, and efficient lighting. These LED are currently only offered by us and require a driver circuit to power them properly. Matching LED to our driver creates a consistent light output throughout the entire discharge cycle. No more straining your eyes halfway through a hail vehicle repair only to find out the light has dimmed due to low battery. Whatever brightness level you set, it will retain until the battery reaches its low voltage state.
    The Fatty light will run a light pulse sequence when the battery voltage is getting near the end of its capacity. It will alert the tech by flashing the light 2 times followed by a pulse every 15 minutes that the battery voltage is low. To prevent damage to the battery from a deep discharge the hail light will automatically start dimming the light once the battery hits a critical level. It will dim the light until the battery goes above the critical level or the light turns off. If you need a brighter light, you can turn strips off and the light will automatically increase its brightness until the battery hits its critical voltage.
Our light has built-in battery protection preventing over discharge which shortens the life of your expensive batteries.  There is a misconception that it's ok to drain commonly used batteries like deep cycle to low levels. This is the number one reason you not only have reduced run times after only a few uses but you limit the number of recharge cycles.  
     We prefer to have an optimal running light that will work in sync with your batteries without causing damage to ensure a long life cycle of your investment. Because the light will maintain the output you set it to you will be able to work faster with less eye strain and fatigue. 
     The Fatty Hail Light also comes with a 3 tier track system allowing you to adjust the fade to your liking.  You can move the lens closer to led giving you that sharp contrast while magnifying the orange peel. Or you can move it out to soften up the fade giving you smoother and larger gray working area while making it easier to see the bottom of those deep dents. 
     If that wasn't enough we also included a built-in dimmer along with 10 independent switches to control the 5 Warm White and 5 Cool White led.
We included a quick latching door for easy lens swapping to change colors and patterns on the fly.